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New Websites Design - Serving Global Customers
from Greenville, SC Base

Are you one of those folks that's been thinking about creating a website for years but have just not gotten around to it? Or maybe you've postponed the development of the site until you really, really need it? Or maybe you just now understand the value and impact the website can have on your sales?

Websites establish validity.

Regardless of why you haven't developed a website, one thing remains consistent—companies need to establish their presence on the World Wide Web and use the site as a foundation to their business. Websites help establish a company's validity and have become a simple, but required, part of doing business. Just as computers were once optional in the business world, so were websites. Now, however, that ship has sailed.

Websites steps

When Peacock Marketing Group, website design Greenville, SC, helps you create a website, the steps typically involve the following, depending on the client's needs:

  • Discussion to determine requirements of site, customer expectations, and their goals
  • Evaluation of manual processes to see if any can be streamlined into the website
  • Development of look and feel of website, working with a graphic designer and the customer's existing branding template (if one exists)
  • Development of menu structure and deciding what items will be headers and sub-headers and how navigation will flow
  • Creation of content, including writing text from scratch or editing existing copy for the web, as well as graphics, photography, and images
  • Building of the site, databases, and/or applications on the backend so the site is operational
  • Creation of meta data so the website will have solid, natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results
  • Review of website reporting to determine additional recommendations to increase traffic and length of average visit
  • Management of all third parties and freelancers to ensure client objectives are met and delivered on budget and on time

Our involvement

Peacock Marketing can have as much or as little involvement with the creation of your website as you desire. We can take on the entire project and run with it, involving the client only for major milestones, or we can work with existing in-house marketing staff or third parties in the capacity of your liking. We want to make it easy for you. Let us know how we can lift your load to get your website created and in front of your audience.

For more information and to check the Peacock Marketing Group calendar for resource availability, please call 1-864-569-5949 or .

Website Overhauls - Website Design Greenville SC

How old is your website?

Was your website created 5 or more years ago? Does the website make you shudder every time you land on it or hear a prospect reference it? Is the look and content so antiquated that you'd almost be better off without it? Is it hard to navigate and find information, and does the site lack key functionality? Is the technology for the birds and does it take forever to load and process data and images? Does your website appear on the first few pages of results when you search for it on Google?

Our services

If you are experiencing any of the pains above, you are not alone. These comments are heard so frequently that one could almost consider them common. Let Peacock Marketing Group, website design Greenville, SC, ease your pain and get you back into the 21st century. We can help you become a superstar to your employees and customers and rebuild your organization's image and offerings. Our website overhaul services may include the following items:

  • Revamping the look and feel of your site to match your current branding template or helping you establish/re-establish a palette of your own
  • Upgrading the screen resolution to which your site was built (does your site currently only take up a section of your monitor?)
  • Reworking the meta data (code that search engines like Google use to help determine site rankings) and reviewing the headers, links, text, and placement of content that play heavily on search engine placement
  • Reviewing menu navigation to ensure visitors can easily find the data they need quickly and with as few clicks as possible
  • Pulling outdated and non-relevant content and images and replacing with fresh material
  • Creating a consistent look and message throughout the site and its applications and downloads
  • Incorporating new features and functionality that could include flash, video, lead-retrieval, integration to CRM database, registration tools, content management system (CMS) to make updates in-house, shopping carts and e-commerce, and more
  • Reviewing website reports to evaluate where traffic is originating from and where it is departing, average number of visits per month, average length of visit, most popular downloads, and more
  • Creating focus of site look with the layout and design on home page and secondary pages to improve easiness on the visitor's eyes and to establish space for promotional areas

Upgrade your website

If you are ready to upgrade your website and again make it useful and relevant, contact Peacock Marketing Group, SEO services Greenville, SC, today. The sooner you call, the sooner we can help. We look forward to hearing from you.

Call 1-864-569-5949, , or request more information today.