Email Campaigns - Reaching Global Customers
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Email campaigns are critical to a marketing plan and consistently have the highest and quickest return on investment. For example:

  • Now that you have a website, how are you going to drive traffic to it?
  • Now that you developed a new product, how will you announce it?
  • Now that you offer a new service, how will you spread the word?
  • Now that you employ new staff, how will you tell your customers?
  • Now that you’ve acquired more customers, how will you regularly communicate with them?
  • Now that you have a prospect database, how will you keep their mindshare?

We make it easy.

Let Peacock Marketing Group, a Greenville, SC marketing firm, develop a direct marketing strategy for you so you can communicate with your accounts and partners on a monthly basis. We pitch email ideas to you, write the content, upload to the server, review your list, test the links, and launch your campaign. Once complete, we provide a report that tells you who opened your email, who clicked on a link and which link they clicked on, and who requested to be unsubscribed. It’s the most cost-effective way to do business.

Don't do it yourself.

PS – You may already know this, but you don’t want to send to more than 10 people at a time from your internal server or personal email account. This can get your entire domain blacklisted and it is a royal pain to get un-blacklisted. And direct mail is costly and has low returns.

Contact or call Peacock Marketing today at (864) 569-5949 if you’d like us to set up a regular email campaign for your organization – or if you need help building an email database. We’re pros at this and have literally written and launched hundreds (if not thousands) of email blasts.